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The Russians have first summit on 50th anniversary!
09:01 a.m. EDT May 29, 2003
Today at 9.40 am local time Sergey Larin of the “never give up” Russian Adventure Team planted the Russian flag on the summit of Everest.

Alexander Abramov reports :

"29 May. Today is 50 years from the first ascension to the summit of Everest. All the team gathered in the kitchen in the morning. Suddenly at 9.40 Sergey Larin reported very sprightly: "I am standing at the summit of Everest and setting the flag of our country". Our exertion was developed into general rejoicing. Our team celebrated the anniversary triumphal. The field day finished for us symbolically. Two months of hard and exhausting work have brought us victory. We are descending to the BC, where we are going to wait for Sergey Larin. After that all expedition is going to Katmandu. In Katmandu 30 best Russian climbers will meet us. This meeting will be wonderful. The team is full of enthusiasm and further plans of new summits. It is the end of the message, Bye"

This expedition is part of a new project called the, "Russian Adventure Team." Their goal is to climb the seven summits of the seven continents - The first peak climbed was Mt. Elbrus this past January 8th and then Kilimanjaro. After Everest, they will head to Carstensz Pyramid.

When many other teams gave up after the storm destroyed their tents, the Russians stayed. When other teams left base camp after a failed summited attempt, the Russians stayed. Their perseverance has paid off this year. Two days ago Bidzina Gudjabidze and Vasili Elagin of the Russian Adventure Team reached the summit today a third member made it all the way.

Dispatch translated and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru

Image of Sergey Larin courtesy of Mountain.ru

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