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Russian climber crosses border for fresh sheep
11:11 a.m. EDT May 7, 2003
With the recent outbreak of SARS and the Chinese closing its borders, they might have left one border patrol station unguarded.

While details are sketchy, three reports from the South Side have come in about a Russian climber scaling the steep and avalanche-prone Lho La pass, which separates the North and South side of Everest (Nepal/Tibet).

He must have smelled is fellow countrymen on the North Side cooking their freshly butchered sheep (see "Extreme Chefs" story)

Two conflicting reports have the Russian originating from different sides, but he ended up in the South Side Base Camp. 100's of onlookers in base camp, including the law watched as the climber scrambled about the pass. Upon arrival in base camp, the liaison officers were there to greet and arrest him, "Visa please?"

Special visas are needed to cross the borders of Nepal and Tibet - one cannot travel about freely. In addition permits are needed to enter and climb in certain areas of the country. Climbers in violation of these regulations can be fined, banned from the country, and even imprisoned

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