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Royal Navy Everest rescue last night - hour by hour account
17:24 p.m. EDT May 23, 2003
The Royal Navy have been updating hour by hour through the day on the rescue of climber Conan Harrod (Adventure Peaks exp) May 21, 8.30 AM (Nepal time).

An American climber slipped and fell on the fixed rope, pulling off a sherpa who finally pulled of Conan who broke his leg on 8500 m. Conan's fellow climber, Walid, was at 8600 meters when he found out.

He and Madew, another climber from the same expedition, aborted their summit push and climbed down to help their mate. From there, 3 Navy boys, along with sherpas from three different expeditions carried the climber on a stretcher through the night, from 8500 meters (only 100 meters lower than the summit of K2) all the way down to Base camp.

Check out the hourly account of last nights tremendous human feat on Everest.

Image courtesy of Royal Navy

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