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Rock'n roll climbing
03:15 a.m. EDT Aug 16, 2003
The American snowboard expedition is right now getting ready for the Hornbein Couloir. Tight-rope walking and Hendrix imitations are used to take their minds off the dreaded statistics of the route.

Of the 15 recognized routes on Everest, the North Face’s Japanese Couloir/Hornbein Couloir is the most direct line to the summit, but not the easiest. Nor the safest. Since Takashi Ozaki and Tsuneoh Shigehiro pioneered the first full ascent of the North Face along this route in 1980, only five other people have climbed it.

Check in on MountEverest.net this Sunday for a detailed description on the route.

Stephen Koch aims to snowboard the Seven Summits. With only one left to go – Everest – he chose the hard way; down one of the world’s most famous direct lines, the Hornbein Couloir. Jimmy Chin plans to climb to the top with Stephen and then ski down. Off season, in the Monsoon, there are no sherpas, no fixed ropes and no O2. Stephen, Jimmy and Eric are friends from Wyoming. The expedition uses Contact 2.0 software to provide Web updates and to send their stunning photos.

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