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Rescue attempt for Carlos and Silvio fails again
09:07 a.m. EDT May 25, 2003
All attempts to reach Kangchenjunga BC and evacuate Carlos Pauner and Silvio Mondinelli have failed due to difficult weather conditions. From 7 am this morning three helicopters has tried to penetrate the thick clouds surrounding BC time after time without success.

Now it’s night in Nepal and all flights has been postponed until tomorrow morning, the helicopters are standing by in Birat Nagar ready to leave at first day break.

Meanwhile in BC Silvio’s frostbites are improving and looks to be ok. Carlos still needs to get under medical care as soon as possible, the risk of loosing one or more fingers increase for every passing day.

Carlos Pauner and Silvio Mondinelli summited on the 20th, but Carlos disappeared while descending, never arriving back in Camp III, 7600m. Just when all hope was lost, Carlos arrived in base camp after being at high altitude in bad weather for three days without shelter, food, or water. He survived, but has severely frostbitten fingers and is in danger of loosing them if he doesn’t get back to Spain immediately.

Image courtesy of CarlosPauner.com

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