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Post-summit dispatches from the clients
23:21 p.m. EDT May 27, 2003
Russell Brice of Himex runs a veteran, commercial outfit on the Everest North side almost every year. This year he also organized the Global Extreme setup. Interestingly enough, Tryntje, the Global Extremes contestant who was eliminated and then came to Everest on her own, actually did it in the Himex commercial expedition. Perhaps due to the secrecy surrounding the Survivor show, Tryntje has actually raised more attention than the actual Global Extremes contestants. At ExplorersWeb, we have received several mails asking us to do more on her, and even a call from a Californian TV network. Tryntje has however been almost as hard to find as the actual OLN contestants. Read Tryntje's account of her summit push.

Moreover, the Himex website has published their client summiteers own accounts of their experience. Brave. It is interesting to find the differing feelings among the climbers. A dead body scared one, just a short statement by another, a third would not come back "if you paid me a million dollars" and then yet another (whose sister is terminally ill); "30 year dream that, through the grace of god & luck, came to fruition". It is clear from the clients' statements that climbing Everest in a guided group comes at a price. But also that, even amidst a large commercial outfit, Everest is a very personal adventure.

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