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Positive attitude: Blind climber claims his crevasse-fall is an Everest 'first'
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May 10, 2005 09: 39 EST
Blind Australian climber Gerrard Gosens had to abort his expedition on Everest after he fell roughly three meters into a crevasse. Luckily, Gosens was roped-in to the safety line and escaped with minor bruises and a dislocatted shoulder.

Back at home in Brisbane, Gosens told the Sidney Morning Herald that a lack of attention from his Sherpa was the cause of the accident.

Forgetful Sherpa

"My new Sherpa, Pemba, forgot about my blindness which led me to discover a small crevasse - one minute I'm sucking in the oxygen deprived air and the next minute I'm falling into it," he said.

Pemba was guiding Gerrard after his more experienced guide Gori became ill and had to return to BC. After the fall, Gosens was roped to other climbers and was quickly pulled to safety.

After all, it’s a first

Gerrard Gosens was part of the Adventure Consultants team. He was due to climb up to C2.

Gerrard keeps his accident in a positive light; claims his fall as an Everest first:

"I'm the first person whose been totally blind from birth who has ever gone through an ice fall," he said. And he added: “I'll be going back next year."

Gerrard Gosens took part in Sidney’s paralimpic games in 2000. He is deputy chief executive officer of Queensland's Royal Blind Foundation.

He was climbing on Everest as part of the Adventure Consultants team.

Image of Gerrard trining his ice climbing skills on a serac near BC some weeks ago, courtesy of Adventure Consultants.
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