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Piotr Pustelnik's team loses tents
17:36 p.m. EDT Apr 27, 2003
Piotr Pustelnik – Base Camp:

"During our last excursion we settled the "proper” camp II on the altitude 6260 m. It consist of two well-equipped tents. We also moved a little bit higher towards camp III and we left a small deposit. Camp III is planned to be settled on the altitude 6900 m. After returning to the base we found a little surprise waiting for us. During the night between 19th and 20th April, the hurricane broke out over the base. All expedition had some losses as a result of it. We lost four tents, which we successfully got back with most of the equipment.

The undisputable hero of this night was the leader of Slovenian expedition who experienced 100-meter-rally inside his tent. Now all members of our expedition are in the base. Tomorrow the Georgians are going out. The weather conditions are indifferent, all area we move on is covered with layer of fresh snow.

I’m sending my best regards to everybody"

Dispatch translated from Polish and forwarded by klubzdobywcow.pl.

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