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Partially blind, no passport, trying to make it back to Moscow
17:38 p.m. EDT Apr 27, 2003
A member of the Russian Everest Adventure team has suffered from an eye hemorrhage which has left him partially blind. He is going back to Moscow, but has lost his passport, complicating the trip back from Tibet - Rendezvous with Russian Ambassadors in neutral territories, etc.

“April, 21. Looks like it’s better to climb high in the mountains then to sit in BC – there are more problems in BC. As a result of high altitude and pressure, Misha Litinsky has got an eye hemorrhage. He is partially blind now. We decided to send him to Moscow. But there is another problem: Misha lost his passport. Now he is sitting in BC, seeing next to nothing and can’t leave.

The whole day we’ve been making calls to Russian Embassy in Nepal, to insurance company, to Asian Trekking, having negotiations with liaison officer (he hasn’t reduced the price for the car – not by a cent).

The result is: tomorrow Misha goes together with Dima Moskalev to Zhangmu, there the Chinese promise to help Misha sneak to the neutral territory, and our friends from the Russian Embassy will be waiting for him on the Friendship bridge between China and Nepal. They will issue a certificate for Misha, and with that document he will get to Delhi and then to Moscow.

But this will be tomorrow, and today we had a meeting with Estonians, drank Chinese beer with Estonian dry fish.

In the morning the weather was raging: terrible storm in BC, it almost blew the tents away. But it calmed down in the evening. Everest became visible, all covered with snow.

Asian Trekking promised to fetch oxygen only by April, 23. So will have to rest till then.


Picture courtesy of Russian Adventure team

Dispatch translated from Russian and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru..

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