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Pakistan's last images of Chinese/Tibet expedition
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May 29, 2005 04: 00 EST
A world is mourning Rena. China is a big country; the climber was known by far more people than Ed Viesturs - perhaps Messner even. There are only 12, 14x8000er climbers in the world, and Tibetans Cering Doje, Rena and Bianba Zaxi had only G1 and BP left for the complete list. (They had also climbed BP fore summit). The men were a big pride to Tibetan and Chinese mountaineering; most likely considered for the Everest Olympic torch that China plans to carry to the summit in 2008.

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Special mention:

Edurne Pasaban
Juanito Oiarzabal

Henk De Velde
North West Passage

Pavel Rezvoy

Nawang Sherpa

The Spirit of Adventure

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