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Ooh Faa! Norwegian women head for Everest
20:14 p.m. EST Apr 1, 2004
10 Norwegians have succeeded in reaching the summit of Mt. Everest and they are all men. Either Cecilie Skog or Randi Skaug will, if they succeed, be the first Norwegian woman on the summit. Both will make an attempt during May June 2004, in separate expeditions.

Randi, 44, is part of the Norwegian American North Everest Expedition; a team of four Norwegians and two sherpas. They are currently on their way to BC. They have a 10 week itinerary with six days for the summit attempt. Randi has climbed Denali and Kili. The NANEE plan is to plant the Norwegian flag on the top of Everest on the Norwegian national day on the 17th May.

Cecilie, 29, left on the 29th of March and hopes to reach the summit by the middle of May. She has climbed Blanc, Aconcagua, Denali, Elbrus, Kili, and Cho Oyu, among others. She is a nurse from Alesund, Norway.

Both ladies are climbing the North side.

In 1996 the Norwegian, Liv Arnesen, also the first woman to reach the South Pole solo and unsupported, made an attempt on Everest, but was stopped short of the peak.

Image of route courtesy of Randi Skaug, photo of Cecilie (left) courtesy of Cecilie Skog.

Ooh Faa is Norwegian American slang, it derives from the Norwegian slang; oof da (generally followed by smacking your own forehead). Ooh faa is an exclamation of interest and attraction.

There will be two Norwegian women attempting Everest this year, the first to reach the summit will be the first Norwegian women ever to do so. Cecilie Skog and Randi Skaug (With the Norwegian American North Everest Expedition) will be making their attempt in May 2004. The American part of the expeditions name comes from the sponsorship of an American company.

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