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One can eat only so many jelly beans
10:22 p.m. EDT May 7, 2003
"Now is the time of the season that people start to get cranky," writes Luis Benitez of the Alpine Ascents team. The whole crew has been waiting around and is antsy to get back on the mountain. They woke up early this morning for a push up the mountain, but high winds kept the team in base camp. Tomorrow the team will arise early and try again. Their aim is to reach Camp III, 7300m, on this next push.

The Alpine Ascents Sherpas are in Camp II, 6800m, and spent the duration of the storm this past weekend there too.

Image courtesy of Alpine Ascents

Alpine Ascents is a commercial outfit owned by veteran mountaineer Todd Burleson. IGO 8000 member with a high reputation with experienced guides - Vern Tejas (Everest 2x), Willi Prittie (Everest 1x), Luis Benitez (Everest 2x), and Lhakpa Rita (Everest 5x)

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