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Once is enough, girl - said Everest
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May 26, 2004 23: 33 EST
Shaunna Burke and Andrew Lock with the Canadian Discovery Channel summited Everest already on May 16 this year. Back in BC however, they decided they wanted more.

So Shaunna and Andrew (now without oxygen) climbed right back up to the South Col two nights ago - for a second summit push!

But now the wind picked up. Andrew went down but Shaunna negotiated some spare os bottles from a descending team and spent another night in the deathzone. Today morning though, the wind was still there and Shaunna came down. It was a great attempt, the guys must be exhausted by now.

By the afternoon, the wind died down and Adventure Consultants, the only team left on push decided to give it a shot. So far all good, everyone's really edgy now that the wind stays down for the remains of their climb. The critical points are the Balcony and the South Summit. If the wind picks up it usually becomes evident at the Balcony. If the conditions remain good there, the final obstacle is turning around the corner of the South Summit. Only there, will the climbers for the first time see the actual conditions of the true summit.

Expect updates through the night.

Note: Correction - Readers alerted us yesterday to the fact that Shaunna Burke and Andrew Lock of team Discovery where at the lonely South Col. The report had Shaunna and Andrew up there for a second summit. After we published this story, it turned out only Andrew, not Shaunna summited May 16. This would thus have been Andrews second summit and Shaunnas first.

Unfortunately, both climbers had to turn back due to high winds - but Shaunna didn't go without a fight; check the teams website reports!

Image of Shaunna, courtesy of Ben Webster/algonquincollege

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