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OK, everybody DOWN!
6:47 p.m. EDT Apr 30, 2003
A major low over Afghanistan is pushing the Jet wind over Everest, where it will be held in position over the weekend.

Winds are forecasted 15-30 m/s as low as BC and C1. From C3 to C4 winds are forecasted up to 45 m/s. Storm force is defined as above 17 m/s. Hurricane is defined as above 32 m/s.

All through today the Explorersweb team has been talking with meteorologists from both European SMHI and US WNI, and there is a high probability that the forecasts will be correct.

Starting May 1st Adventure Weather will send out two different forecasts, adding WNI.

Dhaulagiri and Manaslu climbers should expect the high winds to hit earlier, and with even more force.

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