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Northern Irish Everest equal the spring season's latest summit
14:24 p.m. EDT May 31, 2003
Northern Irishman Banjo Bannon and Kiwi Jamie McGuinness summited Everest this morning and equaled the latest spring summit ever by American Bob Sloezen on Mayt 31, 1994. Banjo and Jamile reached the summit at 0730 hrs local time.

Two climbers from Himex were considering a late, late season summit push as well, however, there has been no word from them, and it seems the two climbers from the N. Irish team had the entire mountain to themselves. In Camp III, 8300m, their Sherpas.

This is Banjo Bannon's first 8000er. Jamie McGuinness had previously summited Cho Oyu 3 times, and reached Shisha Pangma's lower summit.

Image of Everest courtesy of NIEverest.com

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