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Northern Irish Everest moving up
13:25 p.m. EDT May 27, 2003
Three climbers from the Northern Irish Everest expedition have moved up to Advanced Base Camp, 6500m today. Banjo Bannon, Jamie McGuinness, and another climber plan to reach Camp III, 8300m, by Friday, and go for the summit on Saturday.

Most of the commercial expeditions have left, and just a small number of climbers are still in base camp. Earlier, climbers on the team made a summit attempt, but turned around with 250m to go.

Expedition Leader Richard Dougan, Climber David Sharp and Sherpa Ang Furi have now arrived back in Kathmandu. Richard and David will be returning home shortly. They both have some frostbite after their previous summit attempt. Ang Furi has suffered a personal family bereavement and is returning to his home as well.

Image of Jamie McGuinness courtesy of Nieverest.com

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