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Newsflash: Czech team on Shisha British route SUMMIT!
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Oct 9, 2004 18: 23 EST

This just in: Last night, at 11:30AM local time in Tibet (Oct 9) all four members of the Czech High Point expedition summited Shisha Pangma along the British Route climbing in alpine style.

The Czech team of Zdenek Hruby, Radek Jaros, Martin Minarik, and Petr Masek made it last night.
Other teams attempting the British route on the SW side are: Ecuadorian Ivan Vallejo and Spanish Santiago Sagaste; Andorran Oriol Rivas, Ramón Rosell and Xavi Bonati; Czechs Zdenek Hruby, Radek Jaros, Martin Minarik, and Petr Masek.

Image of Radek and Martin courtesy of RadekJaros.cz

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