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New sat phone arrives on Jannu
11:58 a.m. EDT Oct 8, 2003
The new satellite phone has arrived on Jannu, and the expedition photographer has arrived back in Russia. The team held a radio interview and already yesterday some of the climbers reached 7200m on the wall.

Ivan the photographer who just arrived back in Saint Petersburg reported on the route conditions: Snow covered rock, no clean rocks, the wall is covered by shadows, it is cold, damp, and not pleasant. Ivan says the team is in good spirits and ready for the challenge.

The Big Walls - Russian Routes team has its sights set on twelve of the world's biggest walls. They've currently accomplished six of the twelve and will be going for Jannu's unclimbed wall - 7710m. For a warm-up, the team traveled to Tien Shan where they successfully summited Khan Tengri.

Image of Jannu team clearing out after loading expedition member Mike Mikhailov after he was injured in an avalanche courtesy of Mountain.ru.

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