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News Flash: Forbidding Nuptse - Babanov back to BC
15:17 p.m. EDT Oct 22, 2003
Just in from Vladimir Bogdanov, Bask:

“Hi! It’s Babanov on the line. We returned to BC this evening. Yesterday we spent a night at 6900 m. Hurricane and frost there. We’ll be waiting it out for several days and watching for a change of weather. Obviously, we’ll attempt the summit again. We are in high spirits and feel Ok. We are 100% sound, no frostbites.”

The message was written by BASK voice mail on October 22, 2003 at 17:30 (Nepal time). Bask editorial note: Valera’s voice was cheerful; no fatigue detected.

It is Valery Babanov's third attempt on the peak in one year. Prior to Nuptse, Babanov made a remarkable solo first ascent on northern wall of Meru Central peak (the "shark fin ") in 2001. Joining him this year is Yuri Koshelenko.

Americans Fabrizio Zangrilli and Billy Pierson are also going for Nuptse East, however, they were acclimatizing on the Bonington route and are now climbing a new line adjacent to Babanov's.

Image Babanov in Camp courtesy of Babanov.com

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