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News Flash - Nuptse East summit bid has started
14:11 p.m. EDT Oct 20, 2003
ExplorersWeb just received news that Valery and Yuri have started their summit push earlier than they last reported.

Today at 0600 hrs Nepal time, they started up the route. The Russian duo does have communication with Base Camp whose got a sat phone. This means there should be updates on their progress. They last said it would take about 5 to 6 days before summiting - early next week at the latest. The last part of the route still needs to be set and the climbers reports the weather is fair.

This is Babanov's third attempt on Nuptse East, the worlds highest unclimbed peak. He is climbing with a fellow Russian, Yuri Koshelenko. The first time he tried last fall, he was going solo. Also on Nuptse East is an American team who are acclimatizing on an English route.

Image of Babanov courtesy of Babanov.com.

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