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Nepal's Prince in fight at Hotel Everest
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Oct 6, 2004 18: 57 EST
Nepal's crown prince Paras was involved in a fist fight yesterday, at Hotel Everest's Galaxy discotheque where the prince was hanging out with some friends over the weekend, reports The Times of India.

According to the news source, the Prince has been regularly involved in controversy, including domestic violence and a brush with security guards at a sanctuary. This weekend, the Prince beat up the son of a leading Nepalese businessman - a personal friend of the King.

Paras, infamous for using his fists at the least provocation, first got into a fight with Mahendra Lahoti, son of a Party politician. This was their second fight since July at Hotel Everest. Sidharth Rana tried to go between, that's when the Prince turned on him instead. Rana is chairman of the Soaltee Group owned by his father Prabhakar. The Soaltee Group last made headlines in August when two men threw homemade bombs at the Soaltee Crown Plaza hotel in Kathmandu.

The Maoists targeted the hotel as it is owned by King Gyanendra. The attack was a result of the Kings refusal to give in to Maoist demands to close down various businesses.

"Quite unmindful of the close ties the Ranas have with the palace, Paras set upon Sidharth and was soon 'assisted' by his friends who could be fairly described as 'aides-de-combat'. As a result of the fracas, Rana junior has been hospitalised with a broken kneecap and other injuries to his legs. Kathmandu is stunned and though a sense of resentment is evident, only hushed whispers are to be heard. This is not the first time that the crown prince has been quick on the draw," ends the report.

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