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Nepal Blast update: "The hospital feels like a war zone"
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Apr 11, 2005 12: 04 EST
This just in from our sources in Kathmandu on Saturday’s Maoist attacks:

Serguey is at an Army hospital in Kathmandu. 3/4 of his heel was blown away when the blast hit him. X-rays also showed a large amount of shrapnel in his foot and leg. Serguey has already undergone surgery, and a second operation is scheduled for today or tomorrow. The shrapnel that the doctors have removed so far consisted of green, metal pieces.

10-12 more injured people there

Climbers on the spot told Explorers Web that the hospital feels “like a war zone.” There are 10-12 more injured people there, many with more serious wounds than Serguey’s. Considering Kathmandu’s limited resources, the doctors are doing a surprisingly good job, according to the climbers.

A broiled chicken

Alex is working hard to care for Serguey. He visits the hospital at least twice daily, and this evening he plans to bring his friend a treat hard to find in Kathmandu: A broiled chicken!

Alex too was injured in the attack, but will join his climbers in Tibet after Serguey is safely on a plane back to Russia. Alex doesn’t plan to have his shrapnel removed until after the Everest expedition.

Not a tourist attack

Alex says he and the guys were only 10 minutes behind the convoy, and the car didn’t carry a “tourist only” sticker, as is customary in the current situation. He doesn’t feel that the attack was targeted at tourists, rather that the Maoists mistook them for locals.

Scary attack

He says the attack was scary – not only did the blast destroy the floor, but it also ripped the gas line. The driver in fact got out of the car at the last moment before the top of the hill, managing to push the car across and over to the other side, whilst the Maoists charged after the vehicle. From the summit, the car rolled down the other side – where the trio got in contact with the military and the Maoists ran off in fear of the armed patrol.

Bloody weekend

The conflict between authorities and rebels reached another peak this past weekend. Police reported almost 100 rebels dead in a large-scale anti terrorist operation.

Russian federation Ministy of Foreign Affairs advised Russian citizens to abstain from traveling to Nepal, in view of the intensification of the military and political situation in the country, which poses a threat to their safety.

"Moscow resolutely condemns yet another crime against peaceful people. We are confident that no political motives can serve as a justification for such villainous acts," a Russian Foreign Ministry statement issued last night said. However, several Russian climbers are currently in Nepal’s Himalayan mountains.

Kathmandu calm

The attack occurred near Chehere Village on the Arniko highway, about 100 miles away from Katmandu. This is the first time climbers have been injured in the Maoist conflict. Despite the increasing clashes between the army and the rebels, Kathmandu is calm and safe for foreigners, according to climbers in town.

Serguey Kaimachnikov and Alex Abramov were attacked Saturday by Maoists in Nepal.

Image of Serguey being treated at army hospital in Kathmandu, courtesy of Mercantile Communications Ptv.Ltd./Nepalnews.com

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