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Mount Everest summit push 2 - climbers below Balcony

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May 15, 2004 17: 06 EST

It's 1.30 am local time and the following climbers should be below the Balcony right now:

The Greek team gives it another shot tonight.They turned around at the South Summit yesterday, but the five climbers were heading back up at around 8 pm local time, today. With the added acclimatization of the South Summit, additional rest in C4, ropes fixed and weather looking good - the Greeks might just plant the Olympic flag on Everest summit tonight!

Time has come for the Mexican/Canadian friends oxygenless attempt. At least Andres and Richard. The others took os on C4. The climbers last reported that they left C4 around 9pm local.

Time has come for Ed Hommers torch to burn on the summit of Everest. Nawang Sherpa and Tom McMillan carrying it are reported heading up tonight. Tom Halvorson, who built both Ed's and Nawangs prosthetics is sure to follow in cyberspace.

Image of climber below Balcony (South Summit to the left), ExplorersWeb.
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