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Middle camp meddlers
0-4:36 a.m. EDT Apr 25, 2003
Alexander Abramov reports from Everest's North Side:

"April 24. Today we made a heroic climb from BC to ABC. It is about 1300m of vertical gain and 20km overall. As it was expected, our two tents in Middle Camp were searched through, but as there they were empty, all the quick-draws had been stolen.

Sergei Kaimachnikov was the first to arrive at ABC, he was followed by Igor Tsarev. Abramov was wise enough to go in the middle. The rest came soon after. A lot of short steep slopes on the way to ABC can drive one crazy. You think that after that hill you'll see a camp - but, oops, there is another stone-strewn field.

In ABC we met Vasya Elagin. He climbed to the North Col yesterday and tomorrow is going down to BC. The weather according to forecasts we receive from www.mounteverest.net will stay bad till May 4. Very strong wind is tearing the tents. The empty tents fly into the air. But we are grateful to www.mounteverest.net for the weather forecasts.

We plan to climb to 7000m first, then to 7500m and, if we are lucky, to pitch a camp at 7900m and spend a night there. But under such weather conditions we don't stand big chances.
Bye to everybody."

Dispatch translated from Russian and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru..

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