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Mexicans Summit Lhotse
16:47 p.m. EDT May 20, 2003
Two Mexicans Mauricio Ahumanda and female climber Badia Bonilla Luna summited Lhotse at today at 11 am local time. The two were accompanied by two climbing guides from a French expedition, Fura Dorjee Sherpa and Man Bahadur Gurung. All reported by the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism.

Lhotse is the world’s 4th highest mountain, but often gets overshadowed by Everest because they are so close. It’s just a hair over 100m shorter than K2, and shares the same route as Everest until 7500m. Lhotse has two lower subsidiary peaks, Lhotse Shar and Lhotse Middle. The later was the highest unclimbed subsidiary peak until 2001 when a team of Russians became the first to summit.

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