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May 31 Everest summit count - 25: 12 from Nepal, 4 from Australia, 3 from US, 3 from Japan, 2
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May 31, 2005 12: 47 EST
This is the official summit count from Nepal: Today on 31st May, 2005, 25 mountaineers of seven teams scaled 8848m high Mt. Everest. 12 from Nepal, 4 from Australia, 3 from US, 3 from Japan, 2 from South Korea, 1 from UK. Two more climbers are added to yesterday's list, upping the number to 48 summiteers yesterday and 73 total this season until now.

Last night's summiteers: Korea expedition: Mr. Jong Ho Ahn (29 Yrs), Member, Amsa-Dong Gandong-Gu Seoul, South Korea, Mr. Sang See Lee, (44 Yrs), Member, Manufacturing Industry, Shinchun-dong Siheung-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Mr. Thilian Sherpa, (37 Yrs) High Altitude Worker, Makalu-5, Shankhushava, Nepal, Mr. Tashi Lakpa Sherpa (20 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Makalu-9, Shankhushava, Nepal. Dream Everest Expedition 2005; Mr. Keiichi Iwasaki (32 Yrs), Member, Cyclist, Gunma, Japan, Mr. Pasang Tendi Sherpa (22 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Yaphu -9, Sankhuwasava, Nepal, Mr. Pasang Sherpa, (29 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Siddhapokhari -8, Sankhuwasava, Nepal. Everest Climbing for a Cure Expedition; Mr. John Christopher Gray (36 Yrs), Member, Self Employed, Westwood, New Jersey, USA, Mr. Apa Sherpa (48 Yrs), Sirdar, Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal, Mr. Dawa Nuru Sherpa (40 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Namche-7, Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal; Everest MC Expedition 2005, Mr. Scott WANZY (33 Yrs), Member, Engineer, Portland, USA; Mr. Furr Gyalzen Sherpa (29) High Altitude Worker, Juving-3, Solukhumbu, Nepal; Jagged Globe Expedition 2005, Mr. Kenton Edward Cool (32 Yrs.), Leader, Industrial Roped Access, Sheffield, TW, U.K, Mr. John Thomas Taylor (47 Yrs.), Member, Police Officer, Frankston, Victoria, Australia, Mr. Gregory Martin Lindsdell (43 Yrs.), Member, Police Officer, Safety Beach, Victoria, Australia, Mr. Nicholas Phlip FARR (39 Yrs.), Member, Police Detective, Northcote, Victoria, Australia, Mr. Pema Nurbu Sherpa (25 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Gaurishankar-1, Dolakha, Nepal, Mr. Pema Tshring Sherpa (22 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, gaurishankar-1, Dolakha, Nepal; IMG Singapore Everest Expedition, Mr. Lindley Zerbe (26 Yrs), Member, Businessman, Monterey, California, USA; 2005 IMG Everest Expedition Mr. Edward Oner Diffendal (35 Yrs) Member, Sales, San Francisco, USA, Mr. Rex Pemberton (21 Yrs.) Member, Student, st. ives NSW, Australia, Mr. Da Sonam Sherpa (41 Yrs.) High Altitude Worker, Khumjung-8, Pangboche, Solu, Nepal, Mr. Pasang Rinjing Sherpa (29 Yrs) High Altitude Worker, Khumjung-9, Phortse Solu, Nepal; Team Honda Everest Expedition 2005, Mr. Takeshi Kodama (31 Yrs.) , Member, Student, Hokkaido, Japan, Mr. Pasang Rinji Sherpa (29 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Juving VDC-1, Solu, Nepal, Mr. Shigeki Imoto (42 Yrs), Member, Business, Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Da Nurbu Sherpa (28 Yrs), High Altitude Worker, Juving VDC-1, Solu, Nepal.

Image of team Honda, courtesy of the expedition
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