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Marking their territory
0-2:13 a.m. EDT Apr 27, 2003
The Russian Adventure North side Everest team have strategically placed stickers on all 48 of their Poisk oxygen bottles, "Here on the mountain all expeditions have the same oxygen bottles...They can be easily stolen, and oxygen is not cheap at all."

Alexander Abramov reports from Everest's North Side:

"April 26. Today 4 sportsmen: Kaimachnokov, Gugzhabidze, Tsarev, Pushkarev and three altitude Sherpas took off for the North Col. They will spend a night there, and tomorrow all seven will proceed further and pitch a tent at 7500 with all the necessary supplies: four sleeping bags, food, gas, foam pads. The Sherpas will descend to 7000m.

The same day the other party of four: Abramov, Larin, Pashkov and Sergeev – will climb to the North Col. The ultimate task of this push: to set Camp 7900m by April 30, and spend a night there.

The first party of four started today at 11 a.m. for the Col. The rest engaged themselves in struggling with our expedition oxygen bottles. We put all 48 bottles on the moraine and supplied each bottle with the sticks of our main sponsors – BASK and KANT – and our media sponsors – “Vertikalniy Mir” and “Mountain.RU”. Here on the mountain all expeditions have the same oxygen bottles – orange, of Russian company “Poisk”. They can be easily stolen, and oxygen is not cheap at all.

In the afternoon the weather abruptly changed to worse. Now it’s –15C in ABC with heavy snowfall and piercing wind. The toilet tent was taken away by a gust with all its contents.

The guys are already drinking tea on the Col and asking over the radio about weather forecast for tomorrow. We’ll try to find it out for them.


Image courtesy of Mountain.ru

Dispatch translated from Russian and forwarded by our friends at Mountain.ru..

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