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Maoist blast update - Abramov: "Three people started throwing bombs at us"
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Apr 13, 2005 13: 48 EST
Alexander Abramov, leader of the Seven Summits club team and owner of the Alpindustria Russian Adventure outfitting company, is not leading the group to BC in Tibet. Instead, he has chosen to remain in Kathmandu and look after Serguey, his climbing-mate injured last Saturday in a Maoist bomb attack.

Between visits to the hospital, Alexander has somehow found time to recount the events and provide details about the Maoist attack.

“I am in Kathmandu helping Serguey Kaimachnikov, who is in the hospital right now,” reported Abramov yesterday.

Supposedly safe section of the road

“As you already know we stayed a bit longer in Kathmandu to buy the necessary equipment. We were planning to catch up with the caravan before the crossroads between Djiri and Kodari (where we usually eat Dahl-bat), since we were told that after this point there could be problems with the Maoists.”

“It was Saturday and the shops opened one hour later than usual. As a result, we left Kathmandu at 10:00 am instead of 8:30-9:00 as we had planned. We got out of Kathmandu and drove at a speed of 80-90 km/h. There seemed to be no problems. We met 12-15 military troops and all of them waved us on. Around 12:00 am, at a turn in the road, we saw 3 people who started throwing bombs at us. Two bombs exploded somewhere outside, the third one broke the rear window of the vehicle and exploded on the floor of the car. “

Airlifted by military

“Our car went further downhill and after 300-500m we saw a group of soldiers. Their doctor attended to Serguey and called a helicopter. They told us that our caravan was there 10-15 minutes earlier. In one hour the military helicopter arrived to take me and Serguey to Kathmandu. One more hour later, Serguey had already undergone surgery.”

”Serguey had his left leg broken. The tissues of the right leg and left hand are also injured. The doctors are saying that if he is treated properly he will eventually recover all functions in his left leg. His life is not in danger now. But right now Serguey needs my help and support. I visit him twice a day and I am organizing his transportation to Moscow. The Russian Embassy is helping me.”

Nikolay Cherny, deputy leader

“As soon as I sort out all the problems with Serguey, I am going to leave for Tibet and join the expedition. I am sure that Nikolay Cherny will be just as good an expedition leader as I could be. And the whole program we planned will be fulfilled.”

For now, Serguey and Alexander are out of danger. However, in the years since the conflict in Nepal started, roughly 11,000 people were not so lucky.

Serguey Kaimachnikov and Alex Abramov were attacked Saturday by Maoists in Nepal.
The Seven Summits Club expedition is the result of a joint promotion of Alex Abramov (Owner of Alpindustria Russian Adventure) and Harry Kikstra of 7summits.com. Alexander, Harry and extra guides Nickolai Cherny and Andrev Selivanov are leading an international team of 18 members (including 11 sherpas, all Everest summiteers).
Nikolay Cherny has six 8000ers under his belt and was a co-leader of the Russian Central North wall expedition last year. Team member Lynne Stark will attempt to be the first woman from Northern Ireland to climb Everest.

Image of Serguey before the attack courtesy of Seven Summits Club

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