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Lhotse team moves to Camp III
11:35 a.m. EDT May 1, 2003
Two climbers from the Adventures International Lhotse team have moved up to Camp III, 6800m. The Everest climbers in the team took a lazy day down in Camp II, 6400m. Their plan is to take another rest day tomorrow and then advance to Camp III on Saturday.

The ExplorersWeb forecast is predicting very high winds on Everest this weekend throughout the entire mountain. Winds are forecasted 15-30 m/s as low as base camp and Camp I, 6300m. From Camp II to Camp III they are forecasted to be up to 45 m/s. Teams that remain on the mountain will have to batten down the hatches!

Adventure's International expedition is a smaller, up and coming commercial outfit led by Scott Woolums, an Everest summiteer. This is their second trip up to Camp II this season. Lhotse and Everest share the same route for part of the way.

Image courtesy of Scott Woolums

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