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Lhotse summited this morning!
10:36 a.m. EDT May 13, 2003
Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism has announced that twelve more climbers summited Lhotse this morning from the joint Indian/Nepali Army team. This joint expedition is also going for Lhotse’s bigger brother, Everest, and has been one of the leading expeditions on the South Side this season - they are also the largest, filling up two permits.

ExplorersWeb forecasts predicted about 14 m/s of wind this morning at the summit of Lhotse.

This past weekend, along with several other teams, climbers from the Indian/Nepali expedition staged a summit attempt on Mount Everest, but aborted when weather conditions were not favorable. In an earlier expedition leader meeting it was decided that their team was going to fix ropes above the South Col, 7900m, to the summit.

Because the Army team aborted thier Everest attempt this weekend, the ropes have not been set and there are two other smaller teams currently in Camp II, 6500m, going for their summit bid.

This past weekend eight climbers on a Japanese team summited Lhotse as well.

Indian/Nepali Army Lhotse summiters: Indian Army - Chering Norbu Bodh, 33, Palden Giacho Negi, 33, Neel Chand Dogra, 32, Surjeet Singh Thakur, 35 and Champa Younaten, 29

Royal Nepali Army - Ram Chandra Shrestha, 39, Rudra Prasad Timilshina, 37, Ram Sharan Karki, 29

Sherpas - Pemba Tshering, 22, Pemba Rinji, 26, Pemba Tshering, 20 and Pasang Rinji, 25

Lhotse, 8516m, is the world’s 4th highest mountain, but often gets overshadowed by Everest because they are so close. It’s just a hair over 100m shorter than K2, and shares the same route as Everest until 7500m. Lhotse has two lower subsidiary peaks, Lhotse Shar and Lhotse Middle. The later was the highest unclimbed subsidiary peak until 2001 when a team of Russians became the first to summit.

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