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Lho La Ghost climber mystery solved?
8:46 p.m. EDT May 8, 2003
More details have emerged about the illegal Lho La climber. Two more reports of the climber have surfaced today, with conflicting information. Yesterday, Dr. Luanne Freer, of the Base Camp medical clinic wrote of a Russian climber attempting to scale the Lho La pass and climb from the Nepali base camp of Everest up and over to the Tibet side. The climber was on the treacherous Lho La pass with no ropes, in high winds, with only one ice axe.

Yesterday Dr. Freer also wrote of an ex-contestant from the Toyota Global Extremes television that arrived in base camp just a day earlier. He had been previously voted off the show but wanted to climb Everest anyways and, “meet his buddies at the summit.” She also wrote that the Lho La climber was different than the Global Extremes guy.

Today, a report from the French 50 team came in that named the Russian Lho La climber – Pavel. It indicated that the liaison officers had confiscated his passport and he had left base camp - there would be a threat of a fine in Kathmandu.

There was a contestant on the Global Extreme’s show named, Pavel Trcala, 24 years old, from Washington DC. His bio on the official Global Extreme’s website writes that he had, “biked across the Rockies himself to Aspen to apply for Global Extremes in person.”

Pavel also has his own website – Amongs various other achievements he is the International Hitchhiking Association World Record Holder and is of Czech descent.

In Dr. Freer’s dispatch today she reported that the Global Extreme’s guy had wanted to pair up with the Russian climber to get to Tibet. The Russian had since walked out of Base Camp and there has been no word from the Global Extreme’s guy.

Is the Russian and the Global Extreme’s contestant actually one and the same person or two separate people? Could people have confused Pavel, who is Czech, for being Russian? In that case, Pavel from Global Extreme is the Ghost Lho La climber, now out of Base Camp - and mystery solved.

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