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Last big Everest summit push NOW!
19:55 p.m. EDT May 29, 2003
Both sides of Everest are alive with action tonight. On the North, the Global Extremes crew has started their summit push, although without the much anticipated live, televised coverage. Instead, it will be aired Sunday on the Outdoor Life Network.

This team has faced some attrition in the past few weeks. Three of the 5 original finalists on the Everest team have dropped out and Chris Warner has gone home after suffering a possible concussion last week. The two remaining contestants, three original cameramen, and five Sherpas are now on their way. Check MountEverest.net for today’s Global Extreme’s specials. First up is the Lho La Ghost climber unmasked (feature story).

Over on the South Side of Everest, the Alpine Ascents crew, IMG, and a South African with two Sherpas are making their way up. In an hours time they should crest the South Summit, 8750m, and see before them the knife ridge and Hillary Step.

The ExplorersWeb forecasts have indicated the winds should continue to wane, giving these climbers a greater chance for a successful summit. Down in the Nepal Base Camp, Ellie Henke, from the Alpine Ascents team stands vigil over the radio, awaiting news from the team. She reports clear, cold, skies, and no wind at all in base camp.

These climbers have been in it until the very end. All that waiting has come down to tonight. While others have since packed up and are now down valley or rocking the streets of Thamel into the early morning, celebrating Everest’s Golden Jubilee, these teams are up in the death zone on a deserted Everest, all alone.

Tonight, their perseverance could pay-off and maybe, just maybe, Everest’s skies will remain clear into the morning and reward their patience with the world’s most incredible view.

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