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LIVE from Ama Dablam SUMMIT: We did it!
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Nov 3, 2004 12: 12 EST

The guys have had an outstanding expedition. Not only did both groups summit, they also cybercasted live from all camps - working their sat phones and PDA's, rain or shine, all the way to the summit!

Here's their triumphant latest:

"At 3:30pm, Nepal time and 4:15 Nepal time, the last wave of the AC Ama Dablam team 2 reached the summit.

Luis, Pasang Tenzing, Todd, and Phu-tashi at 3:30 and Mark, Joe, and Pasang at 4:15. Beautiful weather allowed us to summit a bit later than usual, and still be back in Camp3 for a late dinner! Sadly, Kate stayed at C3 in support as she felt she gave it all she could just getting here and seems to have pulled a muscle in her arm on the way up. Great effort overall!

Team 1 led by Paul, after another loooong day, has reached Camp 1 and they are currently tucking into goodies sent up from basecamp. Lucky! Tomorrow will see us doing the same and dropping back to C1, and team 1 will head to basecamp tomorrow a full day ahead of us! Did I already mention they were lucky? Anyway, stay tuned for our wrap up party at basecamp! Always a crowd pleaser!

Till then this is Luis and Mark and team 2 sending everyone back home champagne wishes and large salads drizzled with blue cheese dreams!


Adventure Consultants, one of the world's leading outfits founded by the legendary mountain guide Rob Hall have 3 guides and a maximum of 9 clients.

Summitting Everest this spring, and just over from Elbrus (5642m) in the old USSR, Adventure Consultants are going for Ama Dablam next and Luis is a busy guy. Now a 4-time Everest summiteer, Luis is the expedition leader on Ama, dispatching pics and reports over brand new Contact 3.0.

Ama Dablam Team members are as follows;

Expedition Leader: Luis Benitez (USA)
Assistant Guides: Mark Sedon (NZ), Paul Rogers (UK/NZ)
Expedition Sirdar: Ang Tshering Sherpa (Kumjung, Nepal)
Climbing Sherpas: Phu Tashi Sherpa (Pangboche, Nepal), Passang Tenzing Sherpa (Phortse, Nepal), Lhakpa Dorje Sherpa (Makalu region, Nepal), Pasang Sherpa (Makalu region, Nepal)
Base Camp Staff: Chongba Sherpa (Nunthala, Nepal), Dawa Sherpa (Khumjung, Nepal)
Team Members: Jan Anderson (Australia), Robert Gambi (Australia/UK) & Joanne Gambi (UK), Andrew Grayson (UK), Louis Kosztelny (Australia), Kate Smith (UK/NZ), Joe Coughlin (USA), Phil Varcas (UK), Todd Holt (USA) Cameraman: Hamish Emerson (NZ)

Live image over Contact 3.0 of Joe and sherpas on top, courtesy Adventure Consultants.

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