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Kangchenjunga team reaches 6500m before the storm
17:23 p.m. EDT May 5, 2003
Ralf’s Kangchenjunga team managed to fix ropes up to Camp II, 6500m, and descend down to base camp before the weekend’s storm. Camp II lies at the top of a large ice face. Veikka Gustafson did not climb as he was suffering with painful back spasms down in base camp. The team managed to get descend down to base camp with time to spare. They pulled out their crash mats and practiced their rock climbing skills on some nearby boulders.

The expedition made a previous attempt to reach Camp II more than a week ago. They were stopped in their tracks at 6200m when they found a huge ice avalanche had buried a supply depot containing necessary equipment for ascending the ice face. Fortunately they had spare equipment lower down and were able to buy a pair of crampons off a trekker.

This team is led by Ralf Dujmovits, the owner of Amical Alpin, a Germany commercial expedition outfit. Ralf opted to leave the company’s commercial trips in the good hands of his seasoned guides and go on a personal expedition with some friends this spring – something he has not done for several seasons.

Image courtesy of Amical Alpin

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