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Kangchenjunga summit bid starts
16:01 p.m. EDT May 8, 2003
Carlos Pauner and the Kangchenjunga team planned on leaving today for their summit push. They will spend one night at Camp II, at 7000m, head up to 7900m, and only spend a few hours there before going for the summit, 8586m.

A concern the team has is for their Camp II, which might have been destroyed by the high winds – they’ll see what happens when they get there, “We are going to try it, with energy and enthusiasm…. we could reach the glory of the top, but also we must prepare for the disappointment.” Carlos and the crew are going to push for it, but should they not make it this time, they know they will still have time for another attempt later on.

Carlos and his experienced team had a tough time just getting to Kangchenjunga. Their porters refused to push through the deep snow on the trail to base camp and the team arrived later than they expected. Despite this, the team has managed well and previous to the storm setup Camp II, 7000m. Expedition members: Carlos Pauner, Christian Kuntner, Mario Merelli, and Silvio Mondinelli

Image courtesy of Carlos Pauner

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