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Kammerlander choses different route
10:11 p.m. EDT May 1, 2003
Hans Kammerlander, for ethical reasons has decided to climb a different route up Nuptse's unclimbed South East Pillar than the route that Babanov and Suviga are currently on. Kammerlander's route will be more left.

This is Babanovís second attempt on Nuptseís East Pillar. It is unclimbed and a very technical route. Last autumn he attempted the same route solo, but poor weather and an expiring permit forced him to turn around. This spring he returned to finish what he started, and brought along a climbing partner, Vladimir Suviga.

At this point Babanov and Suviga are ready for their summit attempt. Kammerlander and his team have just arrived at Nuptse with the same objective as Babanov

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