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Jean Pavillard back in cyberspace - Cho Oyu summit picture
image story

Sep 27, 2004 11: 40 EST

Jean is back in cyberspace after his summit of Cho Oyu and also reports that he, Monica, Tom, Sherpas Purba and Dawa summited Cho Oyu 8201 m yesterday.
A few hours later the Himalayan experience team summited except Mark Inglis who summited today on his 46 birthday.

Jean Pavillard is a mountain guide in Chamonix, France. Just last year, he helped heart transplant survivor Kelly Perkins and her husband Craig to reach the top of Matterhorn 4,478 m (14,693 ft), dubbed by early climbers "the awful mountain". With them were Tim and Michael Brown of Serac films; Michael filmed Kelly and Craig's ascent.

Needless to say, Jean knows his knots and rope techniques. A page on his website is dedicated to just that - "techniques and tricks".

Jean is currently on Cho You with his small expedition. They have been using Contact 3.0 for some great shots and dispatches.

Image of Jean and Monica on Cho Oyu summit, courtesy of Jean Pavillard.

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