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Jannu part two starts today
11:37 a.m. EST Mar 24, 2004
With a press conference last Wednesday that looked closer to a Pentagon briefing, the team fully uniformed and a huge flat screen TV, the Russian Jannu team introduced their expedition. A week later, they have hit the road and left for Kathmandu, "Why must we return? Ropes are staked out, equipment on the wall is preserved, and our chances to ascend the wall are high - Jannu awaits us," said Alexander Odintsov, the team’s leader.

Panasonic is the title sponsor for the expedition, and from the gear at the press conferences, it is likely the team will have some cool equipment for the expedition itself. One item that they’ll most likely have on the trip is the Panasonic AG-DVX100. It’s a small video camera that shoots in 24p – the operating weight is 4.4lbs.

Typically video cameras shoot at 30 frames per second. However, the Panasonic can shoot at 24 frames per second, the same rate as film, and has a very wide-angle lens. This gives the final product that film-like feeling. For adventure filmmaking, this is one of the ideal cameras to have in regards to weight versus image quality.

The Russian Big Wall project was born 10 years ago. The Russian dream-team lead by Alexandre Odintsov aimed to establish 10 new routes on the hardest Big Walls. Six of them have being completed already. Last fall they attempted Jannu for the first time, but the weather was just too rough.

Image of the Jannu press conference courtesy of Mountain.ru.

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