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Jagged Globe summits Everest
06:49 a.m. EDT May 27, 2003
The Ministry has confirmed six climbers and five sherpas on the Jagged Globe globe team summited Everest at 08.35 on May 26. Sibusiso Vilane became the first black African to summit Everest and Robert Anderson finally made the summit of Everest on his 10th attempt. Also summiting with the Jagged Globe expedition was Fredrick Ziel, David Hamilton, Rodrigo Ponce Limon, Alejandro Garibay Mirakata, Thundu Sherpa, Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, Nima Tenzi Sherpa and Pema Tsering Sherpa.

In an interview with Stephen Venables, he told ExplorersWeb that Robert Anderson, “deserves more than anyone to reach the summit.” He has tried no less than 9 times, one of them during the winter, and another from the rarely climbed and very difficult Kangshung Face.

Sibusiso Vilane from Swaziland, Africa is 32 years old and has become the first black African to summit Everest. This was David Hamilton's seventh 8000m expedition as a leader. Californian Fred Ziel has now summited his 5th 8000m peak. Rodrigo Ponce and Alejandro Minakatag are both from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Picture of Robert Anderson courtesy of Jagged Globe

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