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Jagged Globe Everest summit report
13:00 p.m. EDT May 31, 2003
The Jagged Globe team is out of there! Just about all the climbers on the JG team have packed up and high-tailed it out of base camp. All but two of them flew out, Rodrigo and Alejandro are making the trek down to Lukla.

Their latest dispatch reports on the summit night, "it was not ideal conditions. Very windy and very cold. They were almost crawling at one point on the ridge." One of the Sherpas was even suffering 'wind blindness,' as the strong winds were blowing snow into his goggles and hampering his vision. Along the way, Borge, Kiek, and Fred turned around. Borge and Kiek at the South Summit, and Fred, just 60 meters from the summit.

Fred's comment about the summit push, "We crossed to the Hillary Step and my right hand froze trying to get my day goggles situated... then to summit... snow blindness started kicking in about this time. I'd guess I was 20/100 by then since I was 20m below summit, so I guess it's not official (but XXXX that, I climbed it anyway)."

Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, only 18 years old, summited with the team as well.

Jagged Globe is a commercial outfit from the UK. Their expedition leader this year, Robert Anderson, is a veteran who has been on 9 previous Everest expeditions, including an Everest Winter expedition and the first ascent of the Kangshung face in 1988, where he reached the South Summit from one of the most difficult routes on the mountain. This year, he finally made it.

Also on this expedition, Sibusiso Vilane became the first black African to summit Everest. Polar veteran Borge Ousland who has skied and traversed the North/South Poles was hoping to complete the "3 Poles," but turned around at the South Summit.

Image of JG 2003 Everest team courtesy of Jagged Globe

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