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It has begun: Contact 3.0 GEO positioning on Everest
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Apr 20, 2005 12: 00 EST
We haven't mentioned it much, but the fact is that many expeditions on Everest and in the Himalaya this year use Contact technology for updates - you'll often know them by their stunning pictures and frequent reports.

It's easy and fun to use the tech, and it appeals to the "Shackleton" explorers - those who really want to share their adventure with the world (or just their loved ones).

Extreme docs and extreme chefs

For North Face, Conrad Anker and Pete Athans have already posted remarkable tales of local people who get their vision back (check in later today for that story).

On Everest, meanwhile, Jean Pavillard, Monica (extreme mom), the Northern Irish (7-summit club), Alpine Ascents, Adventure Consultants, the Everest Traverse, team Exploradus (extreme chef), Keith Woodwall and several from Himex team are just some of the Contact cyber climbers this year.

Live from Camp 1

One that stands out right now is Nigel Clark (Alpine Ascent Client). Currently in Camp 1 on Everest South side, Nigel is first out to demonstrate the brand new Contact 3.0 GEO technology! Follow Nigel as he moves over the mountain - check his latest and top altitude, position and weather!

It has been a long-time dream of many mountaineers: Live positioning in Himalayas. With the launch of GEO for this year's Antarctica expeditions, CONTACT 3.0 is now ready to bring up-to-date positioning to Mount Everest.

Contact GEO is very simple to use when climbing. Your altitude is retrieved by GPS, or altitude meter. Just add it in the CONTACT 3.0 position field, and push 'send'. Your position is now instantly uploaded to the web and automatically plotted on a map over Everest (or other mountains) to be viewed by anyone visiting the expedition website.

Whilst the input is easy, the automated plot is exactly the crux. Expedition positions have been plotted on maps before, but usually done manually by webmasters during late-night shifts. Instead, GEO is done by the explorer from a 160 gr. (6 oz) iPAQ PDA, straight to the web.

The Everest map is created from classic Everest pictures by the legendary Bradford Washburn. The maps are treated and projected on 3D models of the mountain by Swiss scientists. Finally, CONTACT 3.0 brings it all together with instant positioning systems.

Today's Contact Everest GEO position courtesy of Nigel.

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