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Irish start summit push - now in Camp II
12:09 p.m. EDT May 16, 2003
The Irish started their summit push at 2 AM this morning and are in Camp II, 6450m.

“As we approached the treacherous ice-fall for the 9th time, there was a common sense of relief that this would be the final push through - although now familiar, this will never breed a sense of trust. The Khumbu ice-fall is one of the most fickle and most dangerous climbing regions in the world.

As we climbed in silence, surrounded by numerous international climbers, all with the same goal, there was a definite sense of pride in being here. One cannot help wondering what the attraction is for such a cross-section of international individuals - such a variety of age, race and backgrounds”

The team will rest there before proceeding up higher to Camp III, 7300m.

Pat Falvey’s Irish expedition’s objectives are to have the first Irish female ascent, first Irish ascent from Nepal, and to have the first Irish climber to summit from both the North and South sides (Pat Falvey).

Image courtesy of Irish Everest 2003

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