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Irish Everest on the move
14:09 p.m. EST Mar 26, 2004
Luggage, oxygen bottles, meeting with Liz Hawley, 31 barrels sent ahead to Lukla, trekking party arrives safe, and one Frederick T. Bear accounted for. The Irish Everest team along with a merry crew of trekkers and a stuffed bear should have arrived in Lukla yesterday.

Before that they had a couple of days to get things in order and do some touristing as well. One of the things that all the expeditions do in Kathmandu is meet with the Reuters correspondent, Liz Hawley. “This lady has collected data on Everest climbing since the beginning of time. She is a very important person to Everest climbing history and to all the climbers. She has met them all and heard it all. Try to fool this Judge Judy of Everest and you are out on your own... Don’t bother to try to find her, she’ll find YOU,” writes the MountEverest.net guide.

After a few days in Kathmandu the Irish were definitely ready to head higher, “it was difficult not to have itchy feet; with most of the organization done, it’s almost time to start moving towards the mountain.”

By now, the trek to the South Side Everest Base Camp is bustling – Everest climbers are speckled throughout the different villages and town; all headed to Base Camp.

Pat, Clare, and John are all members of last year’s Irish Everest 2003 South Side expedition. The objectives of the team this year are to have the first Irish female ascent, Clare; and to have the first Irish climber to summit from both sides of Everest, Pat.

ExplorersWeb archive image of a Tea House along the trek to the South Side Base Camp.

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