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Irish Everest homecoming party
10:28 a.m. EST Nov 18, 2003
The Irish Everest team is never one to pass up on a good time. Tomorrow night there’s a homecoming party in Ireland for, “Pat Falvey and Friends from Everest.” All are welcome to celebrate with the crew at Kate Kearney's cottage and be entertained by one of Irelands top bands, Alanna.

Drop an email to the team for more details: info@irisheverest2003.com

Image of Irish Everest 2003 team courtesy of IrishEverest2003.com

On May 22nd, two climbers from the Irish Everest 2003 reached the summit, Mick Murphy and Gerard McDonnell. The Irish team was one of the most popular teams down in base camp this past spring. Other expeditions said that their presence there lifted other climbers spirits.

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