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  Video of the route to Camp III, 7400m, up the steep and icy Lhotse Face.
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  Video of Camp III, 7400m, a room with a view

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In just 12 hours the first teams will leave for Everest's summit
22:27 p.m. EDT May 18, 2003
The oxygen has started flowing and the blood is pumping. On Everestís South side, some of the first teams are about to arrive in Camp IV, 7900m, while Team Miura is making their way to Camp V, 8450m, on the Balcony.

Some will spend a night in Camp IV, while others will rest for a few hours until Monday evening, Nepal time, (Monday morning Eastern Standard Time.) From there they leave the South Col, Camp IV, and make their way to the summit. This final part of the summit bid takes around 12 hours to the top (18 hours round trip). If the weather holds and the ropes are fixed, teams could be arriving on Everestís summit in less than 24 hours from now!

The expected second wave of climbers are just a day behind the leaders and are making their way up the Lhotse Face from Camp II, 6540m, and will arrive in Camp III, 7300m, just hours from now.

The first wave is arriving in Camp IV and the second in Camp III. Check out the videos to follow along in their footsteps.

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