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Ice avalanche on Kangchenjunga
0-2:16 a.m. EDT Apr 25, 2003
The team got an unpleasant surprise this last trip up the mountain. Previously they had started to work on a very steep and icy part of the route. After descending to base camp for a break the team headed back up to continue work on the steep section. They found the terrain very different than from before.

A huge ice avalanche came down and their gear stash had been crushed under a serac. After two hours of digging the team gave up as no progress was made. In the lost stash was assorted climbing equipment necessary for working on the steep section of the route. Seeing as they had no tools to work with the team headed down to regroup.

Fortunately there were spares for most of the equipment in base camp, however, they still needed crampons. As luck has it some trekkers came by and the Amical team was able to buy theirs.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, the team will go back up and pick up where they left off.

Image courtesy of Amical.de

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