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Himalaya and Karakorum lists of expeditions updated
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May 18, 2005 14: 24 EST
Everest is on fire with an ongoing summit push and Karakorum has just kicked off with some climbers already in Islamabad. With that, ExWeb has now updated the list's of expeditions for both areas.


On K2, there is of course the Polish/Bulgarian expedition led by Anna Czerwinska. Also Colorado climber Fabrizio Zangrilli is added, heading a 10 member permit.

On Gasherbrum 1, the list of climbers for the China/Tibet/Pakistan team has been released, and there are also an US expedition headed by Higinio Gonzalez, and an Argentinean G1 and G2 double header. Gasherbrum 2 will blow up. Added to the list are German Amical Alpine Club, a Turkey Expedition led by Serhan Pocan, a single Japanese climber, and Koreans.

Himalaya/Karakorum double headers

Nanga Parbat is another popular peak this season. Newcomers are Georgia led by Gia Tortladze (currently on Manaslu), and Spaniards led by Carlos Pauner (currently on Everest). Broad Peak will have additional visits from Argentina, and Italy has 26 climbers scheduled.

Spires and 7000ers

France will hit Gasherbrum IV (7321-M), Simone leads of course Batura II (7762-M) check in later for a special on this one, ExWeb received details from Simone just today. Noshaq Peak (7492-M) will hear Norwegian spoken on its slopes, and K6 (7100m) is another peak booked by Steven Swenson this season. K7 (6934m) will host German/Swiss climbers and Spantik will have 6 climbers from the United Arab Emirates led by Peter R. Forbes.


The expedition list wasn't complete without Andrew Lock going for his 11th 8000er on Annapurna north, with two Australian team mates.

Kangchenjunga is updated with Norbert Joos, the Swiss Mountain guide whose team is one of only two confirmed expeditions attempting Kangchenjunga this season, despite the reduced climbing fees set by Nepal’s government to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first ascent.

Only Everest left for Joos after Kang

Spanish lady climber Araceli Segarra and Mexican Héctor ponce de León are among the five climbers. They are climbing from Nepal. Norbert ‘Noppa’ Joos has summited 12, 8000ers, the latest being Lhotse, in 2004. He is currently attempting Kangchenjunga and, if he summits, only Everest will remain.


Manaslu has a Japanese Expedition on its slopes, and the Castellon Spanish Expedition, sharing permit with Serguey Bogomolov and Gia Torladze. Serguey Bogomolov, 44, has summited 11 8,000ers. In July 2002 he climbed Shisha Pangma by a new route, crossing to the formerly unclimbed North-East Ridge. Last year he attempted Annapurna’s South face as part of Piotr Pustelnik’s team.

Also on the mountain is Nacho Orviz and the Navarra Spanish Expedition. Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Orviz have joined three fellow Spaniards for this expedition: The guys met on Makalu last year and remained in touch ever since.

Melungtse, Chomo-Lonzo

And then there are of course the climbers on Melungtse: American Carlos Buhler is joining Russians Yuri Koshelenko and Nikolay Totmyanin for an alpine style expedition on Melungtse’s North Face. The team began the adventure from Tibet’s isolated Rongshar Valley. (Check ExWeb's recent interview with Carlos)

The 7 mountaineers competing on two virgin summits of Chomo-Lonzo, a satellite of Makalu are now on the list as well, the central summit (7,540 m) and the NW summit (7,195 m) had never been climbed before. Many expedition members are well-known; Patrick Wagnon, Christian Trommsdorff, Yannick Graziani, Christophe Moulin, Stephan Benoist, Patrice Glairon-Rappaz, Yann Bonneville and Aymeric Clouet.

Kammerlander ski descent

Jasemba is updated with Italian ace climber Hans Kammerlander, attempting to open a new route with Karl Unterkircher and Alois Brugger. Kammerlander has wanted to climb Jasemba since he first saw its impressive silhouette and steep slopes - he intends to ski down from the summit.

Kammerlander has impressed the climbing community not only with his new routes and solo ascents, but with his unorthodox descents as well. He has accomplished partial ski descents on Everest, Shisha Pangma, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak and Kangchenjunga.

Conrad Anker, Pete Athens, Serac Films

Cholatse has had a a summit by the North Face Himalayan Cataract Project. Conrad Anker, Kristoffer Erickson, Kevin Thaw, John Griber and Abby Watkins, from the North Face team, summited around 2:00 pm via the SW ridge. Before heading for Cholatse, the team was involved in a sight-restoring medical campaign in Nepal’s rural areas.

The climbing team helped a Dr. Geoffrey Tabin and some local doctors to heal about 250 patients. The expedition leader is well-known seven-time Everest summiteer, Peter Athans. Other team members include Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, also an Everest summiteer, Conrad Anker, Kevin Thaw, Abby Watkins and John Griber. Rounding out the team are Michael Brown and David D’Angelo of Serac Films, and two additional photographers, Jordan Campbell and Kristoffer Erikson.

Check out all the action on the fresh expedition's lists!

Image of K2, ExWeb files.
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