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Hey what about us? Two more climbers at a lonely Everest South Col
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May 25, 2004 17: 53 EST
A mail arrived today: "Just to let you know that there is another Canadian team on the Nepal Side. I don’t have a whole lot of info about the expedition but I do know that they are filming a 6 part miniseries for the Canadian Discovery Channel. I know that six climbers summitted on the 16th and another summit push started last night including Shaunna Burke and Andrew Lock (who summitted on the 16th, this time they go without oxygen). Here are the links to the related websites. Keep up the good work, your site is amazing"

Well this was actually the second alert in two days on this team (and the flattery helped too) so we decided to check the guys out. And what do you know, here's their latest:

May 25: UPDATE: 2:50 pm: Shaunna and Andrew Waiting at Camp IV:
"Shaunna and Andrew are currently stuck at Camp IV. Snow and wind has prevented them from climbing to the Summit. They will remain at Camp IV for another 1 - 2 hours and wait for a clearing in weather. If the weather clears, they will attempt to summit. If the inclement weather remains, Shaunna and Andrew will abandon their summit push and return to Base Camp. Stay Tuned! Details will be posted as soon as they are made available."

So there the latest from this lonely high Camp at Everest South Col. The guys seem to have a hard time much like the Adventure Consultants team. The wind picked up yesterday and is supposed to spike tonight.

The Everest Cyber Climbers, Luis, Mike and their crew dispatched straight from the Deathzone today and yesterday, and shot over the two live pics from the camp and inside the tent. They wrote:

24 May 2004 South Col
"As I write today's report I am tucked up in my sleeping bag at Camp 4 on the South Col; complete with oxygen mask and headlamp. Immersed in cloud and being buffeted by the wind this, the highest camp on earth, reminds one why they bought a very warm sleeping bag.

Today's climb from camp 3 was undertaken using oxygen and involved crossing two rockbands; the 'Yellow Band' and the Geneva Spur. The day was perfect and offered photo opportunities galore. Our hard working Sherpa crew had tents pitched and hot drinks ready for our arrival.

The plan for tomorrow is to rest a day at the South Col before making our summit bid. Only one more day of uphill left!

And today:

25 May 2004 South Col waiting game
All is well from the South Col.
People have spent the day, drinking in the O2 as well as fluids, taking a walk across the South Col into Tibet, and preparing for what will hopefully be the start of a summit bid tonight.
The winds are quite strong, so we may have to hold up here one more day, we have enough oxygen to do so, but let's hope that the winds will decrease soon.

Please stay tuned for the story of the pinnacle of this adventure. More than ever thoughts go out to family, friends and loved ones.

Luis, Mike, and crew at the South Col."

We really keeps our fingers crossed for the Discovery teams courageous second attempt. And of course for the Adventure Consultants guys; they carry the great Rob Halls torch, do wonderful reports and have been among our favorites on the mountain.

Adventure Consultants are using Contact 2.0 for their dispatches and that too makes their story pretty unique. While other teams have to wait until they return to BC before they can send out their story and images to their webmasters, these guys are live from high camps.

Adventure Consultants, one of the worlds leading outfits founded by the legendary mountain guide Rob Hall have 3 guides and a maximum of 9 clients. Two of the guides are Mike Roberts and Luis Benitez. Mike Roberts is an Everest summiteer and has led expeditions to Aconcagua in South America, McKinley in Alaska, Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Gasherbrum I & II in Pakistan, Cho Oyu in Tibet and Muztagh Ata in Western China. Luis Benitez has also guided around the world and is a 3-time Everest summiter.

Live images from the South Col today and yesterday, courtesy of Adventure Consultants.
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