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Helicopter to leave for Carlos Pauner
14:34 p.m. EDT May 23, 2003
Upon his miraculous return to Kangchenjunga BC, Carlos has severe frostbite on his fingers and is very tired. Edel Mondinelli, the wife of Carlos team mate Silvio Mondinelli, told Exweb that medical experts from Italy have been evaluating the situation over sat phone to Kangs BC. The conclusion is that Carlos has to be back in Spain no later than Sunday, or his fingers have to be amputated.

The rescue is moving ahead with full force and a helicopter will leave Kathmandu early morning (Nepal time, Saturday May 24) to pick up Carlos and his team mates. Presently the weather forecast does not look to good, and if that persist only a small helicopter capable of taking one passenger will go.

Since the Kangchenjunga base camp is too high to land a helicopter, the climers have to trek down at least 100 vertical meters.
Flights are also arranged to bring Carlos to Spain and Silvio to Italy, just as the chopper reaches Kathmandu.

Silvio Mondinelli has minor frostbites on his hands but the freezing process has been halted thanks to treatments over the phone from medical experts in Italy.

Archive image: rescue in Everest BC

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