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  Video of summit team 1 leaving bc for summit bid

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Fresh video of UK Marines leaving for Everest summit push
12:22 p.m. EDT May 16, 2003
Team 1 has left base camp on the North side today for their summit push. The anxious climbers in Team 2 garnered some last minute inspiration from the Mallory and Irvine memorial. They will depart BC tomorrow for their summit push.

Mallory and Irvine disappeared on Everest in 1924. Their bodies were recently discovered, however, it is still uncertain if they made the summit or not.

After some tech and hard-drive problems, the UK team has everything in line and are dispatching directly from the North Side base camp. Climbers on the team represent the United Kingdom's Royal Marines and Navy.

Image and video courtesy of RNEverestNorthridge2003.com

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